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Partners in the Amsterdam Economic Board have a plan to develop an Open Data Market, which is an expansion of the European Open Science Cloud. This data market is a fundamentally different concept than the US based monopolists. In order to have the Open Data Market functioning well, its is required that regional Data Exchange mechanisms serve with infrastructure and market rules. This will provide an environment save and trusted data transactions. Several initiatives with cities, companies and universities have shown that it is feasible. Amsterdam is looking for other interested regions to rapidly enlarge the Open Data Market. Relevant H2020 calls are: INFRAEOSC-05-2018-2019, and ICT-13-2018-2019.
Main objectives of the project and how will they be achieved: 
Open Data Market
An Open Digital Market has to offer data producers, data-hubs, data processors and data consumers new opportunities for cooperation that each of them are not likely to achieve separately. The Open Digital Market will increasingly show a landscape with a variety of general or specialized providers of data and data products. These actors want to operate in a trusted digital market allowing for controlled data sharing and for safe data transactions. The Amsterdam Economic Board and Science Park Amsterdam explored the development of a Data Exchange, serving as a mechanism to facilitate local, European or international cooperation in a transparent Open Digital Market. It will offer infrastructure and common rules to secure a trusted and safe environment that interested partners can join to create platforms for real-time data-driven cooperation. Stakeholders in the Amsterdam Metropolitan region are strongly investing in this initiative. We are looking for other regions interested to do so likewise and to build together a strong ecosystem. The European Open Science Cloud will strongly benefit from this service.
Challenges that may determine the impact of the project: 
Promote trust in an Open Data Market
Different from the approach by US based monopolists, the European Open Data Market is based on the principle that organisations and individuals stay owner of their data and that they may decide which (parts of) data will be shared/transferred to whom. Software enforced market rules will ensure security and trust. But data owners and users need to get aware and believe in this trusted data market. Tests with companies and knowledge institutes showed that this is possible, but that marketing is required.
Partners that have already expressed interest in the project and expected role: 
The Netherlands and Germany want to move fast. Who else joins?
A number of smart city regions in The Netherlands is already cooperating, including with DataHubs and their strong connectivity. Based on the FAIR principles of data being Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-usable, also Germany is pushing developments. More than 10
Profile of partners sought and expected role: 
Smart city regions with digital infrastructure and capacity.
The development of an Open Data Market depends on strong cooperation of stakeholders from the public, private and scientific sectors. They often come together in smart city regions. In order to offer a new (and competing) Open Data Market, these regions have to cooperate, and act fast and big. Each region is expected to build their niche in the interconnected Open Data Market
Previous, relevant EU project experience: 
More than 10 EU projects, apart from national projects have shaped the plans
Specific countries/regions/cities you are keen to collaborate with: 
Collaboration is sought from regions that are eager to build their niche in an Open Data Market with sufficient infrastructure.
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Amsterdam Economic Board / Amsterdam Science Park
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Organisations with (storage/connectivity) infrastructure, scientific (e-Science, legal, economy), cities aiming at open data, companies willing to cooperate in developing of new services based on their shared data.

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