EVALUATION Epidemiological Risk of Fracture in Pediatrics

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Osteoporosis for decades has been considered a typical disease almost exclusively of the adult-elderly population and its prevalence in pediatric age has been largely underestimated. In recent years, pediatric osteoporosis, secondary to severe or severe diseases, to their complications or treatment, has been universally recognized as an emerging problem with a significant social and economic impact. The project idea is to define new stardard to early identify peole at risk of fractures (the target group can be children and adults) in order to adopt the concept of Personalized Medicine in prevention and treatment.
Main areas of expertise: 
Clinical Trials, healthcare Standard, Policy Makers.
Main objectives of the project and how will they be achieved: 
Validate new method, the BESTEST (Bone Elastic Structure TEST), through clinical trials with third countries (CELAC)
The aim of this project is to validate the pediatric population of a new method, the BESTEST (Bone Elastic Structure TEST), which allows to determine the bone quality (ie the load capacity) of different anatomic sites by virtual simulations of the behavior of visible trabecular architecture in a simple radiography. Together with resistance the spatial organization of trabecules (bone microarchitecture) is determined. The results will be achieved through clinical trials on different target group, such as children prone to have fracture due to different factors (cancer, malnutrition, chronic inflammation diseases, metabolic diseases,...).
Challenges that may determine the impact of the project: 
Diagnostic standard to support the Personalized Medicine as model to prevent diseases and to treat diseases.
The challenge is the standardization of approaches in diagnostic method, data collection and clinical trials in order to support the social healthcare system, reducing the healthcare cost thanks to a Personalized prevention and Personalized Medicine. The addressed field is: International aspect.
Partners that have already expressed interest in the project and expected role: 
Children Hospital Brazil, Children Hospital and Research institute"Burlo Garofolo" di Trieste, M2TEST start-up of Triestef Trieste
Profile of partners sought and expected role: 
Research Medical Center, Children Hospital, University
The partners can have different roles: contribute to clinical trial, so they have to be able to recruit patient for the scope.: contribute to define and validate new diagnostic standard; contribute in approach economic model fro the new standard
Specific countries/regions/cities you are keen to collaborate with: 
EU, CELAC countries, Canada
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De Marco
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Research Medical Institute, Children hospitals, University, International Healthcare Networks., National and Regional Governments.

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