European Personal Health Record: A comprehensive and citizen-centred model of health and social data Integration

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What we are proposing is to deploy an European Personal health record linked to an Interoperability Platform (to be developed), this Platform will have a terminological server able to translate the specific medical term to every language. This way, if a clinician needs a particular health information related to a patient, he could be able to request this information through the visor of the EPHR to the Interoperability Platform. This Platform will search the information requested in the specific region and will deliver the result to the clinician through the same visor.
Main areas of expertise: 
The areas of expertise of TIC Salut Social are the following: - Interoperability and standards – system definition and architecture: TIC Salut Social team has international expertise in semantics and syntactic medical information standards. Thus, the Foundation is involved in several national, European and international initiatives that define standards that ensure interoperability and that allow integration with the existing IT systems. - Technology deployment: Developing and managing large pilots is a key important feature of the Foundation mission to bring ICT solutions to the healthcare sector. The Foundation has more than 10 years of experience in managing pilots as complex as large scale randomised control trials (RCT) in a range of diseases and conditions. Moreover, TIC Salut Social has created its own methodology to find ICT solutions to improve the patient’s journey across different healthcare actors. - m-Health/e-health: TIC Salut Social aims to promote and foster the use of mobile technologies in the Catalan region. Therefore, the Foundation created an interaction model among patients and professionals to ensure a better improvement in the evolution and treatment of chronic diseases. The AppsSalut portal is an app store that shows the mobile health apps that have been successfully accredited in terms of security, usability, technology, privacy, and contents and functionalities by a group of specialists assuring interoperability within the apps and the Digital Health Platform. - Project Coordination: The Foundation has a wide experience in coordinating national and international joint research projects, which has allowed us to establish a solid project management methodology. In collaboration with organizations in other countries, TIC Salut Social is involved in several national, European and international projects that promote m-Health innovation. - Training, communication and marketing: TIC Salut is the Catalan observatory for ICT trends as well as a point of reference for private and public organizations in the ICT sector. As a result, the Foundation accumulates significant knowledge on healthcare ecosystems and market developments and opportunities. Its communications team promote innovation across the Catalan ICT ecosystem through regular dissemination activities and training events.
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Implantation of a comprehensive, standardised, interoperable and citizen-centred European Personal Health Record (EPHR)
1. Standardisation and harmonisation of valuable Health and social data primarily focused on citizens' health data generated by the citizens themselves, healthcare professionals or sourced from relevant healthcare organisations. 2. To provide an harmonised/standardised/interoperable health record for the European citizen with demonstrated relevant functionalities at the different user levels. 3. To build a comprehensive, easy-to-use and secure personal health record, constantly accessible and portable within any other Member States of the EU based on state of the art standards and technologies. We have drafted the activities that we will need to implement in the project: 1. Requirement analysis a. Ethical and legal b. Technical and semantic standards c. Architecture 2. Definition (Objectives, ambition, State of the Art, technology watch analysis and project scope) 3. Development 4. Pilots in at least 3 different countries 5. Deployment 6. Dissemination
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Not yet defined
Not yet defined
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Regulatory and Ethical Issues
Public health organisations, national authorities
Technological companies
Platform development, cloud computing, block chain, security, apps,
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Trillium II
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EU `partners
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Fundació TIC Salut Social
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Fundació TIC Salut Social is a public agency within the Catalan Department of Health whose aim is to facilitate the transformation of health and social care models by means of Information, Communication and Technology (ICTs). Since its foundation in 2006 in Mataró where it is located, TIC Salut Social has experienced significant growth in terms of both resources and expertise, consolidating itself as a hub of ICT knowledge. All its activities are informed by the Foundation three Advisory Boards – Scientific, Business and Citizen – giving TicSalut Social a reputation as an open and transparent platform for knowledge-sharing across stakeholders from the ICT sector.

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