Call Reference: 
DT-ICT-04-2018 a
Short description of project idea : 
Building network of platforms, providers including start-ups and end-users Developing youtube chain as a marketing tool Setting up visit programs of end users accross the network Field Infrastructure Inspection and Maintenance
Main areas of expertise: 
innovation projects scaling up of start-ups business development of technological smes
Main objectives of the project and how will they be achieved: 
Demonstration as a service
A lot of these applications are very specific - the idea is to push in the development of modules that can allow drones or robots to share more than 50¨% of these modules. Develop open innovation service around drones and robots setting up application areas for demonstrations
Profile of partners sought and expected role: 
clusters or network
applications networks technological and start-up hubs
or demonstrators
Specific countries/regions/cities you are keen to collaborate with: 
First Name: 
Last Name: 
Name of the organisation: 
Short description of organisation: 
Opticsvalley is the Paris Region area photonics (and hardware) cluster. It gathers about 220 members and an active network of more than 600 start-ups and innovative SMEs. With 540 corporations in photonics, of which 180 start-ups (30 to 40 created each year since 2014) the Paris Region and thus Opticsvalley gathers about 50% of French Industrial Photonics. The cluster gathers also 40 organizations dedicated to research or to education (from techni-cians to engineers or more), and work in close cooperation with incubators, consulting firms and financial partners. Opticsvalley is a founding member of the IOT/Manufacturing FRENCH TECH network created in July 2016 that gathers and coordinates initiatives in France regarding start-ups within the fields of IOT/Manufacturing/hardware/robots/drones/photonics. Opticsvalley is also part of the start-up Europe initiative and leads the newly won project Scale-EUp2 whose goal is to help photonics start-ups to scale-up by opening markets through a joint effort at European level, by stimulating cross borders fund-raisings and encouraging cross bor-ders job dating. The project first links Opticsvalley to its photonics partners in Bade Wurten-berg, Austria and Catalonia, all active members of the project, prior to aggregating other terri-tories.

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