Traffic noise abatement and urban mobility – project and partner searching

Call Reference: 
LC-MG-1.2-2018, LC-MG-1.8-2019
Short description of project idea : 
Municipalities in the Copenhagen area are working hard to create awareness, new projects and demonstration in the field of traffic noise abatement. The overall initiative has led to the development of the Living Lab called Silent City facilitating co-creation of solutions between companies, municipalities, research inst. and citizens. Silent City and its municipalities offer a Living Lab setting, where new innovative solutions for can be developed, tested and communicated. We are looking for new kinds of innovative approaches, ideas, tools and products for traffic noise abatement and measuring to be developed and demonstrated in our lab.
Cities, research institutions and/or companies with larger scale mobility and urban transport project ideas. Could be the development of city plans and policies and/or testing and demonstration of solutions for traffic noise abatement, noise monitoring sensors, planning tools, etc aiming for more quite and liveable urban areas with sustainable noise and air pollution levels.
Main areas of expertise: 
- Project management and communication - Mobility and traffic noise - intelligent urban services (smart city) - building and city planning - energy and energy systems - circular economy - transport and mobility - green growth’
Main objectives of the project and how will they be achieved: 
Innovative solutions adressing traffic noise
The objectives of projects that Gate 21 and Silent City would prioritize includes proposals that address following aspects: • Urban planning initiatives addressing high levels of traffic noise and Living Labs working with liveable city aspects • Development of adequate equipment to be included in the infrastructure able to detect and identify (plate recognition) vehicles exceeding the limit of noise and emissions (CO2, NOx, PM) in real-time; • Related I2V systems aimed at informing the transgressor of the overcoming of limits and precluding further access to delimited low-emission zones; • Automatic adaptable tolling systems that take into account the level of emissions and noise; • Development of new materials for infrastructure application, apt to mitigate noise and negative emissions performance. • Low cost and real time noise measuring systems
Challenges that may determine the impact of the project: 
The traffic noise pollution is needs action
Noise has been recognized as a European challenge since the current European noise directive from 2002. WHO has published studies on the negative health effect of noise. There is an increasing awareness in the population about the problem as well as increasing political commitment to do something about it. But there is a lack of political action, effective solutions as well as comparable data to monitor the effect.
Partners that have already expressed interest in the project and expected role: 
Gate 21 and Silent City has a broad network in Europe. However, until now EU funding supporting co-operation in the field of traffic noise has hardly not existed. Depending on funding scheme and content, we have good relations and contact valuable for setting up a consortium.
Profile of partners sought and expected role: 
Looking for project lead and engaged partners
A Living Lab of Silent City focusing on traffic noise abatement, where Danish municipalities in the Copenhagen metropolitan area with several motorways running through the territory would like to work with international research institutions and companies in a Horizon 2020 project to develop effective ways of reducing transport noise. The municipalities are not able to lead the application process or coordinate the research project, but we have a strong profile, project experience from collaboration with local research institutions and high political commitment. Silent City and its municipalities offer base line studies on the current noise levels, access to infrastructure to use as test sites, data collection from the local citizens as well as citizen engagement. We also offer experience and data from earlier local projects on noise reduction measures such as speed reduction, new materials for noise reduction screens and road surface, promotion of public transport and traffic analysis for a light rail solution planned for construction in the coming years.
Previous, relevant EU project experience: 
Specific countries/regions/cities you are keen to collaborate with: 
We are open to all countries and cities, who work with ambitious traffic noise projects, plans and policies
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Name of the organisation: 
Gate 21
Short description of organisation: 
Gate 21 is a partnership between municipalities, companies and knowledge institutions, that work with the common goal of accelerating the green transition. Gate 21’s vision is to make Greater Copenhagen the leading region in the world for green transition and growth. GATE21 have a wide spread experience from regional, national, interregional and European projects. Currently, we run and participate in e a portfolio of more than 30 projects.

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