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European city administrations are as a rule challenged to modernize their governance and processes in the framework of constrained public expenditure and demand for deploying disruptive technologies enabling digitization, automation and robotisation in public service delivery. This implies improving profoundly understanding and access to state-of-the art knowledge on the novel methods, approaches and engineering paradigms through which the new smart technological solutions and rapidly increasing volumes of diverse data could best contribute to the delivery of public services. In the framework of the growing demand for comprehensive digital transformation to take place in the public administrations, there are several challenges to be addressed: • Data-based city management: how to ensure efficient utilization and management of the rapidly growing amount of data from evolving digital and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in the city decision making, design, implementation and evaluation of policy programmes, digitalization initiatives and processes to best meet the complex needs of future smart cities? How to ensure demand for the data privacy and the costs efficiency of such data analytics and open data solutions? • Integrated holistic management and evaluation of digital transformation: demand for optimum solutions for cost-efficient, user-friendly, cyber-secure and seamless transfer to the digital governance and public services? Technical aspects as well organizational readiness for technological changes required? • Access to the state-of-art information and knowledge in digital technology development: How to get access to the information and stay updated with rapidly evolving technologies and ensure continuous matching of advancing technologies to the digitization needs in the public governance? • Facilitating concrete innovation platforms for cPPP -public-private-citizen co-creation, co-producing, experimenting and stimulating truly integrated smart solutions for public services with measurable results. f.e. 5G testbeds, IoT in buildings, opening city data for companies and citizens, AI for data analytics, gamification.
Public administration
Smart Cities
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The city of Oulu is committed to enhance digitalization of the city governance and public services in line with European and national objectives. One of the key goals in the city strategy is to ensure availability of digital city services in the level of 80 % by 2025. The city is investing in the digital transformation process through several development projects, pilots and initiatives f.e. Oulu is leading flagship projects in the national smart city programme in Finland (https://6aika.fi/in-english/). BusinessOulu is the business and employment development agency of the city of Oulu. The smart city projects are developed and coordinated under the innovation programs of the BusinessOulu. This is done in close collaboration with the Oulu Innovation Alliance ecosystem, high tech companies and research institutions.
Main objectives of the project and how will they be achieved: 
To modernize the city administration through digital transformation
1) To enhance efficiency, transparency and accountability of local governance through holistic integrated digital transformation of the city administration and public services and deployment of optimum technological solutions. 2) To improve data-based city management capacities of policy-makers, officials and experts through state-of-art verified research, information and assessments of, available solutions, cPPP collaboration, assessment of impact, cost efficiency, political, socio-economic and cultural implications of deploying new disruptive technologies. 3) To enhance organizational readiness of the city administrations for digital transformation through facilitating concrete innovation platforms for cPPP trials (5G testbeds, IoT in buildings, opening city data for companies and citizens, AI for data analytics, gamification); assessment of impact, cost efficiency, political, socio-economic and cultural implications of the piloted disrupting technologies and organizational readiness levels and needs for development.
Challenges that may determine the impact of the project: 
Technical and organizational readiness for digitalization
In order to ensure favorable framework for assessing the potential benefits and risks of using disruptive technologies in government processes and public services as well as the social impact , the involved cities are expected to have strong political commitment as well as development and technological readiness for deploying and assessing the new smart technologies in practice. This implies also strong local ecosystem to collaborate with the public governance to enhance digital transformation thus benefiting the local economy, high technology companies, R & I and strengthening involvement of citizens.
Partners that have already expressed interest in the project and expected role: 
Oulu Innovation Alliance/City of Oulu ecosystem www.ouluinnovationalliance.fi/
University of Oulu/Department of Communications Engineering, Center for Wireless Communications; Nokia Telecommunications/ VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland/5G testbed development Oulu ICT Hub www.hilla.center, www.superiot.fi
Profile of partners sought and expected role: 
Digital Transformation Agents
Potential partners are committed to ensure digital transformation in the public governance, city administrations and public services through collaboration between cities, universities, research and innovation institutions, development agencies, high tech companies, citizens.
Previous, relevant EU project experience: 
Smart city, Open data, Innovation platforms, city digitalization
Specific countries/regions/cities you are keen to collaborate with: 
F.e. Estonia, Netherlands, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany.
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Name of the organisation: 
City of Oulu/BusinessOulu
Short description of organisation: 
The city of Oulu with more than 200 000 residents and 120 nationalities is the largest and fastest growing urban center of the Northern Scandinavia. Thanks to the strong local innovation ecosystem alliances Oulu area is home to an ever increasing cluster of research-based high technology, life sciences, ICT, IoT and digitalization business, cleantech and industry. www.ouka.fi, www.oulu.com BusinessOulu is a non-profit business support agency established in 2011 and owned by the city of Oulu. The mission is to enhance innovation led economic growth and improving employment outcomes for the people of Oulu in the framework of the city strategy and industry policy by supporting entrepreneurship and the local ecosystem, the Oulu Innovation Alliance, collaboration. www.businessoulu.com

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