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Smart, Green and Integrated Transport Strategic orientations for 2018-2020 and translation into calls II- Technologies transforming the transport system a) Accelerate decarbonisation of the transport system through energy efficiency and better alternative fuels in all transport modes and support the shift of transport towards environmentally friendly solutions pursuing a “zero-emission” vision b) Advance electromobility, including vehicle safety, charging, energy harvesting, linking in with the electricity grid, storage and improved battery/supercapacitors performance for clean and competitive transport.
FUE-UJI http://www.uji.es/ http://www.fue.uji.es/
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The group has published more than 450 papers in research journals, several books and book chapters in these fields with a remarkable impact in the scientific community. As a result, GAME works accumulate more than 27000 citations and a combined h index of 83. Students and postdocs around the world choose GAME for their stays to learn about the fabrication and measuring techniques (particularly impedance spectroscopy), theory, models and ideas developed by the group During the development of its research the group has established strong relations with many groups leading the research in different areas of the field including BiU (Israel), ETHZ, EPFL (Switzerland), UNILE, WETSUS, TUWag (Netherlands) TUWIEN (Austria), UBATH, UOX, ICL (UK), TUD, JÜLICH, COVESTRO (Germany), INSTM UTorVer, IIT (Italy),etc. and also Spanish groups from UPC, IREC, UPO, UGR, ICIQ, IMDEA, CIDETEC, UA, UElx, ect. These relations include also several companies making research in the field such as Dyesol (Australia, UK), OxfordPV (UK), Saule (Poland), Solaronix and Metroohm-Autolab (Switzerland), •3Gsolar (Israel), Bayer Tec. (Germany), etc.
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The main objective is to use car surface as power generator to charge batteries or refresh car from high temperatures
Integrating high performance (>20%) flexible and low weight tandem solar cells in car surface, particularly roof. Thin film tandem of Perovskite and CIGS solar cells will be adapted to car specific characteristics in to integrate them during car fabrication. Flexibility of the cells and encapsulation will allow long lifetimes (>15years) despite vibrations and torsions in car life. High efficiency of the devices (>200 W/m2) will allow producing more than 2kWh/day for a 2m2 roof solar panel under 5 hours irradiation. Enough to drive 15 km/day, above average distance driven in cities. Power from solar panels may be also used to refresh the car and avoid overheating under full sun, improving both user comfort and battery lifetime.
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Car adaptation
An important limitation to adapt solar technology into car industry is the use of solar cells that need to be resistance to vibration. Flexible cells overcome this problem and allow shaping the panels to the car geometry
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SMEs: Producers of car components Industry: Car manufacturing company
Previous, relevant EU project experience: 
ORION- Ordered inorganic hibrids using ionic liquids for emerging applications
MAESTRO- Making perovkites trully exploitable
H2020-MSCA-ITN-2016 (Marie Sktodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks)
DESTINY: Dye sensitized solar cells with enhanced stability
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open to all
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FUE-UJI- Institute of Advanced Materials (INAM)
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GAME is one of the research teams at Institute of Advanced Materials (INAM) from university Jaume I. It is a multidisciplinary group of Physicist (7), Chemists (6) and Chemical engineers (2) dedicated to the study and development of materials, devices related to energy applications. The main lines of research are: - New photovoltaic technologies: Main focus today is perovskite solar cells, but GAME has a remarkable expertise in dye, quantum dot, polymer and silicon technologies. - Photocatalysis for the production of solar fuel, CO2 reduction and water treatment - Microbial fuel cells.

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