EUDADE – European Data Driven Economy

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Short description of project idea : 
EUDADE will promote a data-driven economy in Europe, building on solutions, securing the privacy and ownership of personal data as well as industry data. EUDADE will examine citizens and users needs and priorities, legislative framework and technology supply. We will also examine existing business models and why they are not as successful as they should be and thus map the barriers as well as carriers of a data-driven economy in order to make them manageable and thus accelerate the data-drive economy. The elements of EUDADE are: a. preparation and test of a Personal data platform - legislative framework analysis on global, European and national level. Carriers and Barriers. - privacy issues prioritization. pan-European user's survey to uncover top-of-mind and burning platforms, observing cultural and social characteristics - data-set availability including public or politically regulated data (basic personal data, geodata, energydata, trafficdata etc) + personally produced data (mobile phone GPS, social media, netbased trading platforms) - technology supply analysis on basis of users preferences, availability and legislation, to identify hinders, gaps and leaks, not meeting demand b. preparation and test of industry data platform the elements will be the same as above in a, but will adress 2 or 3 chosen industry (service) sectors with a high data-drive value creation potential. Our role: DOLL and GATE21 will address the public sector (municipalities and regions) datasets and need for new solutions, applications and platforms and the industry’s usage of the public sector datasets, made available in a way, that enables and promotes innovation through Big Data Engineering and Cloud Computing processes.
GATE21 / DOLL Green Lab
Main areas of expertise: 
Intelligent urban services (smart city) development, city planning, energy and energy systems, circular economy, transport and mobility, green growth.
Main objectives of the project and how will they be achieved: 
EUDADE will stimulate the development of (beta) solutions promoting the use of existing data sets/platforms, lacking the focus and answers to the challenges identified in our analysis. Also we will investigate whether a European Network, combining the various stakeholders and suppliers of data, could promote and stimulate the emergence of data- driven services and solutions. E.g.: in Denmark a number of municipalities have begun to publish public datasets on open platforms ( ). At the same time initiatives have been made to establish commercial (industrial) marketplaces for both public and private datasets. Neither has resulted in any significant increase on the data-based economy, new-bizz, start-ups and turnover. We will need analysis and user's survey to meet demand both at end users and companies in the market with more accuracy and thus accelerate innovation. ICT in terms of IOT and cloud-computing technologies including the cybersecurity and personal privacy solutions is undergoing a constant and rapid change and progress. blockchain and cloud sandbox technologies are some of those. so are methods of cyber crime. EUDADE will assess existing technology platforms and privacy solutions, in order to identify Demand/Burning Platforms + Best Available Technologies, considering legislative, cultural and social conditions and frameworks. The 1. phase will concentrate on analysis and survey, preparing grounds for the beta versions + application tool box for existing data platforms, both personal data and industrial data. The 2. phase will develop a ‘data economy’ tool box, enabling public data platforms to expand accessibility and interaction with market (e.g. energy companies, traffic data, public data sets) as well as private data platforms (social media, web based trading platforms, dedicated data market platforms) operated by private suppliers, ( eg. the Hitachi City Data Exchange, GE Predix, Cisco Community Data Platform a.o.) Main objectives: • increase in the number of data provider organisations in the personal and industrial data platforms • increase in the number of data user/buyer organisations using industrial data platforms • increase in number of users (data subjects) in the personal data platforms • increase in volume of business (turnover) channelled through the platforms the size of targeted numbers, to be decided.
Challenges that may determine the impact of the project: 
Business models, closed protocols and private interests' protection
The platform will have to establish a framework, that can accommodate private company interests in a non-competitive and/or pre-commercial legal-structural framework.
The process of a multi-stakeholder approach
The success of EUDADE will depend on the ability to understand, contain and nudge the different stakeholders and participants interests and priorities into a common process frame, allowing and stimulating sharing as well as individual and different approaches to be pursued in an agile process design.
Profile of partners sought and expected role: 
Cities with significant numbers of accessible data-sets
Cities or associations of cities having entered the process of making public datasets available in a larger scale for innovation and entrepreneurship.
Private or public companies, generating, processing or trading data
Entities generating data or operating (cloud-based) facilities for processing, analysing and delivery of data sets and/or companies on the data market, offering data-sets or services based on data. (eg. supply companies with smart meters).
Research and innovation
R&I entities within a) computing sciences b) business sciences
Previous, relevant EU project experience: 
progRESsHEAT (latest H2020 project):
GATE21 and DOLL have a wide spread experience from regional, national, inter-regional and European projects. Currently we run or participate in a portfolio of more than 30 projects.
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DOLL Green Lab / GATE21
Short description of organisation: 
DOLL Living Lab is operated by GATE21 (NGO legal entity) and will act as the testbed and supplier of data-sets, within urban service sectors like Lighting, Waste, ITS and Climate. DOLL is the largest Urban Living Lab in Europe (Globally) encompassing - 1.5 mio. Sqm Industry Park - 12.5 km road and bike lanes and a Visitor centre with giant screens, servers/cloud computing solutions, education and meeting facilities. Assets: 460 intelligent and IOT powered lighting points - 100 sensorized user cases with systems/networks providing realtime-data + regular reports and aggregations on energy, behaviour, climate, intensity, capacities, errors and service relevant data - A number of different sensor-iot-energy configurations, eg acoustic, visual, radar, trajectic, biological sensors connected to different IOT-channels and energy supply (solar, battery, currents) - 15 smart city management systems - Dashboards and apps - Multichannel urban IOT-system featuring: fiber, wifi, wifi cluster systems (mesh, Zigbee ao.), GSM 4G, narrow band wifi (radio), eBeacons, Blue Tooth, NFC - LiFi, broadband over LED. 40+ companies from lighting industry, ITS, waste, telecommunication, system integrators, software, supply and apps solutions are partners in DOLL, both global players like Cisco, GE, Philips, but also Danish and European SME’es.

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