Arctic Accident Response

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Appropriate actions taken for a marine accident can greatly reduce loss of life or damage to the environment. Large passenger ships can impact flooding and maintenance of stability and systems that can safely evacuate large numbers of passengers in difficult conditions harsh environments and where there may be limited search and rescue capability. Despite improvements, fires on board passenger ships continue to be a regular occurrence which sometimes require external intervention for passenger and crew evacuation and on certain occasions could remain uncontrolled for days before being extinguished. Such interventions cannot be assured and are not always effective with consequent risk to personnel and the environment. The specific challenge is to develop solutions that address these risks and which can be reflected within forthcoming revisions of relevant IMO Rules. International cooperation to draw upon global experience and facilitate common positions that are founded upon joint research is considered particularly valuable.
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Make practical guidelines based on research and innovative techniques to implement the forthcoming revision of IMO rules for passa\enger ships
to address the challenges for implementing through Research and Innovation Action the forthcoming revision of IMO rules with focus on passenger ships. Research will address probabilistic damage and consequence safety assessment and actions to control damage and maximise stability following grounding and contact damage. The widest possible accident and design data from all relevant types of ship and damage shall be sourced, processed, interpreted for passenger ships and used within probabilistic models.
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