Call Reference: 
ICT-25-2018-2020 / ICT-02-2018
Short description of project idea : 
Using smart glass technology and mobile applications, this project will empower people to perform tasks previously out of reach allowing them to improve their communities and their lives.
Main areas of expertise: 
Entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, project management, business development, mainly in hi-tech environments.
Main objectives of the project and how will they be achieved: 
Leveraging scarce expertise making it locally available
Smart glass applications can support services to become more cost-effective while delivering a higher quality. However, we want to go further than optimise existing processes: we seek to co-create new services in areas of society that are under budgetary pressure, such as health care and education. With the you-see-what-I-see application (YOUSWIS), a doctor anywhere in the world can see on his screen the patient a nurse is looking at in a remote field hospital and help with the diagnosis. In the home care sector, a non-professionally trained care taker can get immediately in touch with a health professional in case of emergency. The hands-free video-streaming application is the most basic use of the technological components presented in this project. More advanced usages include ‘informed reality’ whereby information is projected on the glass display. Information can be, for example, a patient’s record or listing a sequence of steps for specific procedures during a (rare) medical treatment. Webpage:
Challenges that may determine the impact of the project: 
Connectivity: our applications/projects add most value in places where medical and other professional expertise is scarce. Often this is in remote areas of developing countries, where wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G), and even electricity, are not always available. In some cases, we will limit our scope and working area to what is currently available in the respective countries. In other cases, we want to actively seek partnerships with organisations (for-profit & not-for-profit) that provide local solutions.
Culture, as in the social behaviour of people: acceptance for technologies such as smart glass requires the stakeholders to be informed, and to give permission, for live video-streaming of possibly delicate situations. Test cases in Europe have shown that the direct beneficiaries (i.e. in a home care context, the 'patient', the home care person, the remote specialized nurse,...) easily overcome this hurdle, but their surroundings show more resistance.
Partners that have already expressed interest in the project and expected role: 
Iristick - technology provider
Iristick ( A Belgian-based smart glass manufacturer for professional applications will provide its smart glasses at cost. Unlike all other smart glasses that are stand-alone units, Iristick smart glasses leverage the technology of Android smart phones making applications future-proof as their complexity can grow with the each new generation of smart phones.
Proceedix - technology provider
Proceedix ( As Software as a Service-based central platform to manage enterprise procedures, work instructions and inspections, Proceedix will provide licenses and assistance at cost for tracking and tracing. Proceedix is one of the few world-wide distributors of Glass Enterprise Edition (the 2nd generation of Google Glass).
Health care organisations
We are talking to a wide range of interested parties in the health care sector, such as university hospitals, home care organisations, the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp, the International Red Cross, health insurances, NGOs providing medical care in developing countries, organisation for the visually impaired etc.
Profile of partners sought and expected role: 
Application and product developers
A smart phone would not be smart without the numerous applications that run on it. Similarly, the smart glass needs to be driven by applications to cater specific needs. Using Android as a development platform, application and product developers are needed to create new apps and design new services.
Structural and project funding
As a social entreprise, we are seeking partners to provide financial backing for scaling up our organisations and realising projects.
Specific countries/regions/cities you are keen to collaborate with: 
We are open to work with all countries, regions and cities
First Name: 
Last Name: 
Name of the organisation: 
Social in Motion -
Short description of organisation: 
Social in Motion is a social enterprise, backed by Industry 4.0 players . Focusing primarily on social impact, both donation-based and commercial business models will be used to leverage our technology to create maximal social impact in a sustainable manner.

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