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The project brings together two essential prerequisites underpinning Industry 4.0; Additive Manufacturing (AM) and digitization. It will provide clear solutions for challenges currently faced by European industry. The aim of the project is to develop a secure digital platform for an autonomous and flexible production unit comprising a collaborative robot and an AM machine. Additionally, the project will allow the possibility to connect and integrate other components of a production system to enable a digital global manufacturing process. As part of this overall aim, machine operators, who have previously had responsibility for AM powder handing and the associated health and safety risks, will be removed from the manufacturing process. This project is an essential step in achieving a fully autonomous manufacturing process where several smaller production systems are networked together, independent of location, and can deliver direct to the Customer. There are companies that has such a vision, and has come a long way in developing and using Additive Manufacturing, and has a stated need of a mobile production unit that can be distributed around the world. In order to achieve this vision, this project searching for participants with expertise in relevant and complementary areas that will enable functional and scalable solutions to be created and that can be applied to a range of industrial sectors. A key part of this project will be the development of a physical demonstrator, comprising a robot and AM machine, that will enable creation of potential solutions and also allow clear visualization of the challenges faced. This demonstrator, together with the digital platform, will provide a practical and valuable tool to gather feedback from key players.
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Interactive Additive Manufactoring in a Mobile Container Solution
When the project is complete, there must be a scalable solution that can connect machines into a smaller production unit and there should be an opportunity to connect to other systems. There will be a useful interface for mobile devices that can display relevant data from the devices in real time and also handle all incoming data and present it at different levels. There should be an operator level and a level for supervisors and managers. Simply put, at the end of the project there will be the following components: 1. A demonstrator consisting of an AM machine and robot in a container remote controlled by an automated solution 2. Software supporting an infrastructure that allows users to interact with the container solution through a cloud-based solution 3. An integrated plan and the description of how the container solution fits within a companies businessplan offerings at different levels in the organization The project is clearly focused on developing a better and new type of industrial system using the new technologies that have emerged in recent years. The solution will also radically change working methods and business models in industry. The purpose of this project is to enable AM solutions to be mobile by placing the machine in a mobile container that can be distributed to the place where the need arises. Because the AM process also exposes the operator to clear risks, we will automate additional part of the steps in the AM process using robots and effective interfaces. The vision of "AM robot in a container" allows customers to access printed components for specific projects in a more efficient and flexible manner. Using a combination of robotics, human-robot interaction and AM, this project just falls within the goals of the Industry 4.0. The project will enable collaboration between machines in the production unit and create a platform to integrate with other necessary systems in the production process such as ERP systems and design programs. The project will lift the operator from the machines and enable interaction between man and machine and work for a completely autonomous process. It is important to note that the national initiatives towards the fourth industrial revolution are expressed differently in various countries across the globe. In Germany, 400 million euros has been invested in Industry 4.0, which is highly focussed on manufacturing and “smart factories”. It involves the following technological components: internet of things, autonomous robots, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, simulation and visualisation systems, cloud computing etc. In the USA, a similar initiative called the Industrial Internet Consortium has emerged.
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