GeoHeat & Save: High value-added specialized technologies enabling more efficient servicing of geothermal energy (heating and cooling) and socio- economic impacts

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SolarTech Nonprofit Kft., ArchEnerg Cluster (Hungary)
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The main activity of the cluster is planning, implementing and permitting investments related to energy efficiency and renewable energies such as geothermal energy, thermal energy, solar collectors, solar heating, heat pump and biogas systems, biomass furnaces; construction products and services, electric works, insulation, doors and windows, energy efficient lighting systems; feasibility studies, return calculations, energy audit, recommendations on energy consumption improvement.
Main objectives of the project and how will they be achieved: 
Main Objective
The proposals paying high attention to means of reducing heat distribution losses. The success of the project will be increasing the use of energy 50% more without increasing resource capacity but increasing the efficiency. The software and newly developed technologies will enable heating center avoid heat losses. Achieving reduction in the installation costs of networks whilst retaining reliability and durability of the distribution network is of higher importance.
Challenges that may determine the impact of the project: 
Geothermal heating distribution investment costs are quite high and it is very difficult for heating centers taking investment decisions. In order to contribute solving the problem, new system optimization models will be developed for large heating areas. The results and success of these models will be evaluated within the project so a know-how will be produced to set well-designed business models. So, Consideration is given to the optimization of the system operation via advanced controls and storage, and the use of metering and interfaces that allow the end user to play an active role in the system both as and end user and a supplier. The proposal is proposing technical solutions and business models for successful commercial operation of the district heating applications. The software developers and R&D institutions are already engaged in the project. The software for monitoring and management automation system will be implemented by one of the consortium members and software developed by CTTC for simulation and optimization will be used within the project. This will give a chance to these companies to test their solutions and identify the strength and weaknesses of their software.
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No specific areas or countries.
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ArchEnerg Accredited Building Trade and Renewable Energy Cluster
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SolarTech Nonprofit Kft. is the management company of Archenerg Cluster. The cluster was established in 2007 with the aim of creating an economic and social model based on renewable energy efficiency that moves green economy enterprises and society towards a more sustainable future. It has steadily held a certificate of Accredited Innovation Cluster title since 2009.The Cluster has 79 members: 75 SMEs – each experts in their field, three large companies, and one academic institution, the University of Szeged. During its operation the Cluster has developed an extensive activity network with the primary task of supporting members involved in strategic industrial sectors. This support includes infrastructure development, lobbying, marketing and generation of interest for products and services. ArchEnerg also aims to increase public awareness about renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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